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What are Xanax bars and how do they work?

By January 25, 2019Blog

The drug Alprazolam is sold under the brand name Xanax and it is available in different forms and colors.

Xanax comes in the form of tablets and bars. They affect a human body in the same way that is both augment the function of the GABA receptor but as the size varies the potency also differs. Now, the Xanax tablet comes in 0.25 mg in contrast to the Xanax bar which is of 2mg and is 4 times more substantial than the standard tablet. Obviously, the strength is increased to a great extent. The Xanax bar is recommended to individuals with severe anxiety.

As mentioned before that the strength of the Xanax bar is supplemental it is more inclined to the riskier side. It’s not highly encouraged to take the 2 mg doses without a doctors prescription as it might have adverse effects on the central nervous system of the human body.

Now, benzodiazepines are further classified and Alprazolam comes in the category of this. It is so obvious for you to think that how Alprazolam functions as a soothing agent acting, as a tranquilizer and what actually happens inside our body.

So, a human body consists of a chemical compound which is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for neurotransmission. Simply put, it operates as a chemical messenger between one neuron to the target neuron. We have a more or less 100 neurotransmitters in our body, and one of the major neurotransmitters is gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter, in the central nervous system of a mammal. In humans, GABA lessens the stimulation and excitability hence used by patients suffering from most common psychological disorders. It pacifies the patient’s central nervous system.

Also, it is authenticated that activation of the GABA receptors favor sleep. This is exactly what a Xanax bar does, it activates the release of GABA receptor hence mitigates the effect in individuals having anxiety disorders. Oral forms of Xanax are recommended for short-term treatment of severe anxiety along with insomnia. Long-term use is not advised since Xanax is said to cause dependability.

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